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Is Your Spouse Cheating on You? 20 Questions to Ask Yourself

Infidelity. Relationships are difficult enough without having to wonder whether or not your significant other has a “wandering eye”.  Too often, we make the mistake of feeling sorry for other couples whose relationships couldn’t withstand the test of time-believing that it will never happen to us….until it’s too late.  The following are a list of questions you may want to ponder over if you are beginning to suspect that something might be amiss with your loved one.


  1. My partner spends much less time with me lately than in the past.
  2. Whenever I am around, my partner keeps a close watch on his/her phone and/ or appears to delete text and voice messages frequently.
  3. There are times when I do not know where my partner is.
  4. After work, my partner takes more time than expected to return home.
  5. I have noticed signs of unusual purchases, or have found receipts from locations to which I have not been with my partner.
  6. My partner seems distant or disconnected and has lied to me lately.
  7. My partner has recently changed his/her appearance or style of dress (e.g., haircut, new clothes)
  8. My partner has been going out more frequently than usual, and without me.
  9. I have noticed strange phone numbers on my partner’s cell phone.
  10. When I ask my partner about anything, I get a defensive response.
  11. My partner opened a new, separate bank account recently.
  12. The mileage on my partner’s car is high, but he/she only drives short distances to work or to run errands.
  13. My partner is more frequently using the computer/ internet secretly.
  14. My partner has placed long calls to an unknown number more than once.
  15. My partner has increased his/her use of sexual stimulants or other such performance enhancers.
  16. My partner has a decreased sexual interest in me.
  17. There are lipstick smudges, perfume scents or other odd marks on my partner’s clothes.
  18. There is a co-worker that I believe my partner may be sexually interested in.
  19. My partner questions me about my schedule more than normal.
  20. Though I don’t have any evidence, I just have a “gut feeling” that my partner is cheating.

What Did Your Findings Tell You?

Is your spouse cheating on you?If you answered “Yes” to several of these questions, it may be time to level with yourself and have a serious discussion with your partner.   However, it should be noted that the best medicine for mending a broken relationship begins first with prevention.  More often than not, most problems that erupt within relationships boil down to one or more of the following items:

  • lack of communication
  • financial problems
  • lack of commonalities/personality clash

In the event that things don’t work out, you may need to seek legal counsel. For more information about private investigations, contact Cat’s Eye P.I. today at 919.878.9988.

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