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Louisiana Couple Arrested on Felony Theft and Workers’ Comp. Charges

According to a recent news report, a husband and wife duo were arrested on felony theft and workers’ compensation fraud charges totaling around $1.2 million in unpaid insurance premiums.  If you think that this sounds like a lot of money, that’s because IT IS.  The extraordinarily large sum represents the largest amount to date as the Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) continues to crack down on fraud.

The husband and wife (named Mauro and Keren Aguirre respectively), own a business called Escapade Acoustic Drywall were arrested by the Louisiana Insurance Fraud Task Force after a search of their home revealed evidence of concealed payrolls and misrepresentation of workers to avoid the full payment due of workers’ compensation insurance premiums.

Additionally, records show that the company reported around 35 employees with a payroll of about $145,347 when it should have reported more than 300 employees and a payroll of more than $4.2 million.

Chris Broadwater, director of the LWC Office of Workers’ Compensation had the following to say about the arrest:

Our message should be clearly heard:

If employers or employees are operating outside the bounds of the law, we will investigate these matters thoroughly and will seek to apply all remedies available under the law.

To read the rest of the article, click hereFor more information about private investigations, contact Cat’s Eye P.I. today at 919.878.9988.

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