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Do You Have Tickets to the Gun Show? Mayor Bloomberg Does.

What has happened is that these so-called ‘private sellers’ are using gun shows to run profitable businesses while criminals and traffickers are using the private sellers to buy guns anonymously and easily..no questions asked… [source]

New York City mayor, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is working overtime to expose the loophole hidden in gun shows.  The mayor was quick to point out that he is NOT trying to violate the 2nd Amendment or people’s right to bear arms.  Rather, he is trying to expose the inherent dangers that could possibly stem from private, unlicensed gun dealers selling deadly weapons to people who haven’t passed background checks.

The Investigation

Mayor Bloomberg put together this wide-ranging sting operation, hiring a team of 40 private investigators from an outside firm to purchase weapons at seven different gun shows.  Investigators attempted 33 purchases from 30 private gun sellers, and after the private investigators audibly stated to the sellers that they couldn’t pass a background check, the majority of sellers still proceeded with the gun sales 22 times. The result? Investigators discovered that 74% of the dealers at each of the gun shows were selling weapons to people who they knew couldn’t pass a background check.

Advocates of tighter gun control argue that this loophole in gun shows makes it that much easier for criminals to acquire guns.  It also makes it more difficult for police to trace the origin of the weapons if they are used in crimes.

The sting operations took place from May 2009 to August 2009 at seven gun shows held in Tennessee, Ohio and Nevada and cost NYC taxpayers approximately $1.5 million.  What is perhaps the most surprising is that the aforementioned states are among many states that allow private, unlicensed gun dealers to sell weapons at gun shows without first conducting background checks.  However, nine states (including New York) have passed laws to close the loophole, requiring background checks on purchases made at gun shows.  And according to one article that was published recently:

The Bloomberg administration went ahead with the investigation despite a Department of Justice warning in 2007 that came after the city conducted a similar sting in 2006 to catch straw purchases, which is when someone fills out the paperwork and buys a firearm for another person.

The city has no legal authority over the dealers and is using its findings to make a point about the unregulated sales of so-called “occasional dealers.” A copy of the report is being sent to every member of Congress and the findings will be shared the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

In the meantime, the National Rifle Association (NRA) claims that Mayor Bloomberg’s sting operation was nothing more than a publicity stunt.  What do you think?

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